DmC – Pinnacle of Combat

Fans of the franchise rejoice . The long anticipated Devil May Cry mobile game Pinnacle of Combat is coming out soon. The mobile action RPG with online modes like team battles and PvP combat has a lot in store. If you can’t wait to join Dante on his quest to defeat evil, you can expect … Read More

G2 Fighter

Featuring a wonderful cast of talents such as the voice of the Witcher himself – Doug Cockle. We provided a comprehensive dialogue service: casting great actors, providing in-depth English localisation, directing exciting performances recorded in a world-class recording studio, all the way through to delivery for this non-stop action experience! The developer Orbit Games comes … Read More

Trine 4

One of our favourite franchises! It was such a pleasure getting hands on editing the dialogue for Frozenbyte’s action-packed side-scroller @OMUK.   Services: Dialogue

Chess Rush

We provided all the English dialogue for Chess Rush – the whole package! Working alongside Tencent and Aim Sound Studios, we recorded it all here in London. We brought in exciting voice talent, and directed electric performances recorded at the highest quality. It has been 2 years in the making with new updates regularly. Stay … Read More

gameChange We created a full interactive 360° sound environment using Ambisonics in Unity, for Oxford VR. This pioneering use of virtual reality headsets can provide therapy for sufferers of social anxiety in their home, without a therapist needing to be present. An exciting new use of technology for social good!     Services: Dialogue, Localisation, … Read More

The Sinking City

Tao worked on the dialogue for this Lovecraftian investigation-adventure game while working with OMUK.   Services: Dialogue

Rise of Kingdoms

Together with AimSound Studios Shanghai, we’ve provided the English Dialogue, Facial Capture and Music for the latest Rise of Kings cinematic trailer.   Services: Dialogue, Directing, Casting, Music

Conquer’s Blade

We directed and recorded the opening dialogue for Booming Games’ action-MMO.   Services: Dialogue, Directing, 中文服务

Leisure Suit Larry

This classic (1980s!) point-and-click adventure game got a 21st century reboot. Edited by Tao @OMUK   Services: Dialogue

Anno 1800

Tao edited dialogue for Blue Byte’s award-winning city-building RTS while working @ OMUK.   Services: Dialogue