Live Recordings

We collaborate with some of the world's best studios, orchestras and engineers to ensure the highest quality in whatever we deliver. We can provide everything from an initial composition to the final mix.

Dialogue & Localisation

We can provide some of the best talents in the industry. We have a wide range of experience from AAA blockbusters to lovingly-crafted indie gems, story-rich-driven to down-right-hardcore gaming. Did I mention? Chinese language localisation is our speciality 😉

Everything Else Audio

Our team has worked on many aspects of audio production. Ranging from on-site live mixing for TV, to post-production in movies, and audio-asset integration within game engines. We can handle everything, starting from scratch - to whatever beyond. Even if we can't do it ourselves we will definitely find the right people for our clients. We also have partnerships with studios in Shanghai, China and Tokyo, Japan.